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The musician MARCELO BARBOSA, Almah’s guitarist, will be the replacement of Kiko Loureiro at Angra. Kiko who now also plays in Megadeth.


The announcement of the artist took place on the afternoon of Saturday, September 19, at the Sunset Rock in Rio stage, amid the show of Angra that besides Marcelo, featured appearances by Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and Doro Pesch.

Marcelo will be an interim musician, hired by Angra in the absence of Kiko Loureiro. “Angra is a band that influenced a whole generation, and I am one of those people who was also inspired by Angra’s brilliant career,” he said. “I’ve always been proud of what Angra is globally and, why not, in general music. In addition, I became a personal friend of the members.” he continues. “All this makes me feel very proud to have been invited to such a noble and important task. Kiko is a very special guitarist and I am honored to replace him” he concludes.

In parallel, MARCELO BARBOSA is in the studio finishing his first solo album, entitled “Nêgo” and will be released by Alternative Music Records, and the new work Almah, fifth of his discography, scheduled for release in early 2016 .

To hire the workshops MARCELO BARBOSA and Almah shows please contact: contato@artentretenimento.com.


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