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The guitarist of Almah, Marcelo Barbosa said on Tuesday through his Facebook page, that will include the participation of a distinguished figure in his solo album. Invited to record the drums on the album the veteran of drumsticks, Thomas Lang. The renowned musician was one of the candidates to occupy the Mike Portnoy of DREAM THEATER. Thomas was vying for the post along with Aquiles Priester and other drum beasts, as Virgil Donati.


This morning, Marcelo Barbosa posted the ad in your social network:

“Good morning guys! Today I bring you an excellent and important news! I just close with no less than Thomas Lang for recording drums for my solo album. I’m really excited and happy to have one of the leading names of drumming in this project. In brief video recordings and news! “


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The JuSvarn program went to confer the show’s instrumental project in São Paulo, interviews and pieces of the show can be checked in the video.

The quintet is formed by:

Diogo Mafra (Almah)
Giovanni Sena (Age of Artemis)
Riccardo Linassi (Drums)
Renato Cavalcante (Zero10)


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